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What is "double clear" in international logistics?

Pure dry goods! Freight forwarding knowledge: double clear! A must for a young man

Do you know what is double clearance in international logistics? In the international logistics, cross-border industry double clear this knowledge is very important!!

Meaning:Double clearance is the basic term in international logistics, referring to the clearance of the exporting country (customs declaration) and the clearance of the destination country.

It is mainly for some special goods that cannot be regularly cleared and imported according to normal goods, or it is more troublesome to import regular customs clearance, or certain documents such as licenses cannot be provided.

Double clear only for general goods, machinery to be confirmed separately, batteries, brand goods can not double clear.

Double clear routine operation process:

1. Book shipping space

Determine pick-up address, goods name, weight, volume, destination, shipping time.

2. Loading

Arrange pick-up, loading, loading and other matters according to the time.

3. Customs Declaration

Export declaration according to the packing list, relevant information and invoice of the goods.

4. Check materials

After customs clearance, make up materials and documents of the transport company, and check whether the bill of lading information is correct.

5. Customs clearance

Packing list, invoice, certificate of origin and relevant documents shall be submitted to the local customs system several days before the arrival of the goods.

6 .Pay taxes

Follow up the information of the customs system to calculate the corresponding tariff, and arrange tax payment after confirming that it is correct.

7. Pick up and deliver

Customs clearance after the arrangement of pick-up, delivery.

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