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What is "Overseas Warehouse"?

Cross-border Hot Words: Overseas Warehouse

Overseas warehouse refers to the storage facilities established overseas. The goods are sent to overseas warehouses in bulk from China by sea, land or air, 

realizing local sales and local distribution of goods in cross-border logistics. Buyers through the cross-border platform order to buy the required items, the 

seller only needs to be in the logistics business system operator to the overseas warehouse to order localized shipping instructions, shipments can be sent 

directly from overseas warehouses.


Why do we need overseas warehouses?

The transportation practice of exporting bulk commodities is that factories or trading companies look for freight forwarders to send the goods to the port 

designated by the customer. However, there are a lot of hidden dangers in the logistics link, such as problems in customs declaration and inspection, 

advancement of the customer's delivery date, the customer needs to return or exchange goods and so on.

Cargo storage

Overseas warehouse because of the special geographic location, want to put the goods in the overseas warehouse through the headway transportation, 

warehouse management and tail transportation (local distribution) three parts. Headway transportation means that Chinese merchants deliver goods to 

overseas warehouses by sea, air, land or intermodal transportation. Warehouse management refers to the remote operation of goods in overseas warehouses 

by Chinese merchants through the logistics information system and real-time inventory management. Tail transportation is local distribution, overseas warehouse

center according to the order information, through the local postal or express delivery of goods to customers.

Advantages of Overseas Warehousing

1.Compared with direct delivery from the domestic, the use of overseas warehouses can effectively improve the efficiency of express delivery, greatly improving the 

user experience and commodity turnaround time.

2.Compared with the domestic renewal weight is higher, the renewal weight of overseas warehouse is cheaper, and the heavier the product is, the lower the cost 

compared to.

3.Can more quickly deal with return orders, saving time, improve the quality of after-sales service, improve customer satisfaction and experience.

4.Avoid peak season centralized shipping, goods may be blocked, not subject to customs clearance issues affecting the buyer's experience.

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