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What are the "sensitive goods" that freight forwarders often say?

Dry cargo | What is "sensitive cargo"?

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In the work of freight forwarders, we often hear the term "sensitive goods". But what goods are sensitive goods? What do you need to pay attention to sensitive goods?

In the international logistics industry, it is customary to divide goods into three categories: contraband, sensitive goods and general goods. Contraband is strictly prohibited from shipping, sensitive goods should be transported according to the provisions of different goods, in strict accordance with the requirements, and general goods can be normally shipped.

01 What is Sensitive goods?

The definition of sensitive goods is relatively complex, it is between general goods and contraband goods. In international transport, there is a strict distinction between sensitive goods and goods that violate the ban.

"Sensitive goods" generally refers to the statutory inspection (legal inspection) of the goods (including the legal inspection catalogue - the export supervision conditions have B, and the legal inspection goods outside the catalogue). Such as: animals and plants and animal products, food, beverages and wine, certain mineral products and chemicals (especially dangerous goods), cosmetics, fireworks and lighters, wood and wood products (including wood furniture), etc.

In general, sensitive goods are only prohibited by customs boarding or strictly controlled products, such products can be safe and normal export and normal customs declaration, generally need to provide the corresponding test report and use in line with its special nature of packaging, looking for a strong freight forwarding company for transport.

02 What are the common types of sensitive goods?

01 Battery

Batteries, including battery goods. Because the battery is easy to cause spontaneous combustion, explosion, etc., has a certain risk, affecting the safety of transportation, is restricted to transport goods, but not contraband, through strict special procedures can also be transported.

For battery goods, the most common is to do MSDS instructions and UN38.3 (UNDOT) test certification; Battery cargo has strict requirements for packaging and operating procedures.

02 All kinds of food and drugs

All kinds of food health care products, processed foods, condiments, grains, grains, oilseeds, beans, skins and other types of food and traditional Chinese medicine, biological drugs, chemical drugs and other types of drugs involved in biological invasion, countries in order to protect their own resources, in international trade, the implementation of compulsory quarantine system for such goods, if not quarantine certificates may be sensitive goods.

The fumigation certificate is one of the most commonly issued certificates for such goods, and the fumigation certificate is one of the CIQ certificates.

03 CD, CD, book category

Including harmful to the country's economy, politics, moral culture or involving state secrets of books, printed materials, CDS, CDS, films and other types of goods with computer storage media, whether imported or exported are more sensitive.

The transportation of this type of goods requires the certification of the national Audiovisual publishing House, and the producer or the exporter writes a guarantee letter.

04 Powder, colloids and other unstable items

Such as cosmetics, skin care products, essential oils, toothpaste, lipstick, sunscreen, drinks, perfume and so on.

Such items in the transport process, due to packaging, or other problems are extremely volatile vaporization, collision extrusion heat resulting in explosion, in the transport of goods are restricted items.

Such products usually need to provide MSDS (Chemical Safety data sheet) and commodity inspection report at the port of departure before customs declaration.

05 Sharp objects category

Sharp products and sharp objects, including sharp kitchen utensils, stationery, and hardware are classified as sensitive goods, and more realistic toy guns are classified as weapons and are considered contraband and cannot be mailed.

06 Imitation brand

There is a brand or imitation brand of goods, whether it is genuine or imitation brand, more involved in infringement and other legal disputes risk, need to go to sensitive goods channels.

Imitation brand goods are infringing products, need to pay customs clearance.

07 Class with magnetic objects

Such as charging banks, mobile phones, watches, game consoles, electric toys, razors, etc., usually can sound electronic products also contain magnetism.

The scope and types of magnetic items are relatively wide, and it is easy for customers to mistakenly think that they do not belong to sensitive goods.


As the destination port has different requirements for sensitive goods, the requirements for customs clearance and logistics service providers are higher. The operations team needs to be prepared in advance with the relevant policies and certification information of the actual destination country. For the shippers, for the transportation of sensitive goods, we must find a strong logistics service provider. In addition, the transport price of sensitive goods will be correspondingly higher.

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