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What's the first step to exploding orders during peak season? Start with the selection forecast

The first half of this year's cross-border e-commerce circle is particularly exciting, the major e-commerce sellers and platform competition is fierce. First, SHEIN 

took the opening red with $12 billion in revenue; after TEMU "big money", expanding multiple sites around the world, strong fire attack; veteran e-commerce 

platforms Amazon, Ebay naturally followed, not willing to show weakness, and constantly adjusting the operational strategy... ...

The second half of 2023 node combing & explosive products prediction

Back-to-school season - early August to early September

Target group: students, teachers, parents of students

Product selection suggestions: apparel, electronics, stationery sets, home furnishings. Students pay more attention to fun, teachers/parents pay more attention to 


Popular elements:can refer to the elements of previous years. Last year, dinosaurs, unicorns element of the monthly sales of goods up to 7000 +, small boutique 

sellers can give priority to this direction.

Fall Prime Day - Mid-October

Target demographics: All demographics

Suggestions for selection:On Prime Day this July, sales of stationery and office supplies soared 76%, home appliances jumped 52%, and housewares, apparel, and 

3C electronics were also popular.

Popular elements: Computers, electronics and apparel are the biggest categories on Amazon Prime Day, and FMCG is a growth opportunity.

Halloween - October 30th

Target demographics:All demographics Suggestions for selection: Halloween decorations, costumes, blankets, earrings, pillows, witch hats, socks, tablecloths, floor mats, shower 

curtains, pet spit wipes, pet costumes, etc.

Popular elements: gnomes, black cats, gothic, witches, skeletons, trick or treat, minimalist spooky elements are popular in recent years. In addition the big hit 

anime or movie works are also Halloween hot elements. (Be careful not to infringe)

Black Friday & Netflix - November Next

Target demographic: all people

Selection Suggestion:Applicable to the sale of all categories of products, the selection of products can refer to the past Black Friday / Net 1 sales performance 

and the situation of the five Amazon lists:BestSellers, NewReleases, Movers & Shakers, MostWished For, GiftIdeas.

Popular elements: data from the past few years show that the best-selling products during this period are mainly concentrated in clothing, beauty, daily 

household, mother and child, luggage and electronics, home kitchen and bathroom, which can be biased in the direction of choosing "a multi-purpose" 

consumer durables, generally more popular.

Christmas & New Year - December

Target group: all people

Suggestions: Christmas night lights, gift bags, Christmas tree skirts, hanging decorations, mailbox protectors, decorative socks, Christmas hats, wooden hangings,

star-shaped hangings, clothes, bags, beauty, home, toys, games, electronic products, outdoor flags and so on.

Popular elements: love hearts, pine trees, snowflakes, waves, beach, starfish and other atmospheric elements, or popular elements like the Stars and Stripes.

006F62C5.pngSellers in the peak season in addition to step on the nodes, pay attention to the product category, but also need to be vigilant about stepping into the 

selection of traps, as the saying goes, "seven points rely on the selection of products, three points rely on the operation". In addition to the nine traps mentioned 

above, sellers also need to pay attention to the unit price of the product and profit, quality, source and audience level. Usually, in the peak season promotion 

period, sellers are very easy to fall into the price war, so it is recommended that the selection of the best difference, the unit price between 20-40 U.S. dollars for 

the best, the best procurement cost is less than 25% of the product selling price, the best gross profit margin is greater than 40%. Secondly, it is also necessary to 

remind sellers in the selection of products need to pay attention to the product on the shipment and packaging restrictions. Not out of stock is the key to highlight 

the peak season. Off-season energy, peak season explosion single. I wish all sellers can continue to dig out explosive models in the next peak season, stable single!

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