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After several months' investigation, data collection and practical application, BOSIYU customized a new logistics information management system, which has been fully put into use, which further improved the work efficiency and service quality, made the company's logistics management business more convenient, accurate and efficient, and laid the foundation for "smart logistics".The logistics system fully integrates several functional modules, such as waybill management, user management, data import management, and material transportation network management, which effectively breaks the traditional "paper" operation mode, and customers can independently place orders and check the receipt, transshipment and receipt status of goods through the system, thus improving the accuracy and work efficiency in an all-round way. In order to grasp the core needs of customers and realize the high-speed and efficient operation of the logistics supply chain, Bestway will promote and train the logistics information system for customers free of charge on the premise of fully mastering the new system and fully applying it, so as to further improve the service level and reduce the time cost. The convenience and efficiency of the new system and the excellent service of Bestway Company have been well received by our customers. Baisiyu Logistics Company will continue to strengthen the promotion and improvement of the new logistics system, continuously consolidate the results, optimize the service functions, and continue to make efforts to promote "smart logistics" to give customers a better service experience and achieve win-win cooperation.





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Tel: +86-18666210029


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